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arrow-left Filtri
Resetta tutto
arrow-left Formato
  • Beans, bag
  • Ground, tin (Moka)
  • Pods, box
arrow-left Metodo di estrazione
  • Espresso pods
  • Espresso
  • Filter (chemex/v60)
  • Moka
arrow-left Momento di consumo
  • At breakfast time
  • After main meals
  • Always outside of meal times
arrow-left Peso
  • 1000gr
  • 250gr
  • 50 pods
  • 500gr
arrow-left Profilo aromatico
  • Chocolate, cocoa and nuts
  • Spices, vanilla, tobacco and honey
  • Berries, tropical fruits, flowers and citrus
arrow-left Profilo organolettico
  • Acidity and freshness
  • Body and high-quality bitterness
  • Balance
  • Sweetness and aromatic intensity
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