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Moka Box

  • 1 x 250 g “100”
  • 1 x 250 g “Alto Palomar”
  • 1x  three cup Moka “E&B”

Follow the direction of ours Disruptive Coffee School to prepare a moka pot:


Box &

Here for you, we have created the Box & Kit line to make your coffee choice simpler. You can now buy different combinations of coffee packs thought for different occasions.And for a complete experience we have prepared special kits that include all the necessary equipment.Our goal is simple: make it easier for you to explore the world of quality coffee and alternative extractions to espresso!
Extraction method:
Choose how you want to extract this coffee and follow the guide!


On each can you will find a detailed guide for the correct preparation of the moka pot. Follow it carefully to best extract your coffee. We advise you to use a scale to correctly choose the dose of water and ground coffee: the different models of moka have different boiler and filter capacities.

01 WEIGH Recommended extraction ratio: 100g coffee / litre of water
02 GRIND The consistency of the grind should be similar to sea salt
03 GET SET UP Place the ground coffee in the filter after filling the bottom chamber with hot water (80-85°C), then place the moka on the gas hob.
04 ENJOY Stir the coffee in the moka pot, pour straight into cups and enjoy – preferably in good company!

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